The Cucumber Juice Cleanse – How to Detox Your Body, Boost Your Metabolism and Eliminate Stored Belly Fat

Cucumber juice is one of the best simple detox drinks – people often overlook it, simply because it doesn’t have “weird” or “secret” ingredients – it’s just plain, boring cucumber juice. But this juice, when taken in daily has the power to detox your body in very powerful ways!

Does it make you lose weight?

When it comes to fat-loss, cucumber juice is by no means nearly as powerful as specially formulated combinations of phytonutrients, like the red tea detox drink(link), but it’s easy and cheap to prepare!

How to Make Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is very easy to make – simply use your juicer. If you have a blender instead, blend the cucumbers with some water and strain the liquid. Almost 95% of a whole cucumber is in a liquid form, so a pound of cucumbers will make nearly 15 ounces of cucumber juice.

How Much to Drink?

I recommend drinking about 20 oz, or around half a liter of cucumber juice a day. This provides around 20% RDI of most vitamins and minerals. In the summer, I sometimes drink a lot more, especially if I can source organic cucumbers, free of excessive fertilizers and insecticides.

Why not just eat cucumbers?

Eating large amounts of cucumbers is not very fun at all, takes time, a lot of chewing and you end up with relatively large chunks of cucumber in your stomach, which reduces the absorption of the juice by almost half. The juice tastes very nice and is a very good replacement of water. It rapidly detoxifies your body, as opposed to being absorbed very slowly when you chew the cucumber. There are other factors I am not aware of, because you can definitely feel the detoxing effect after drinking a lot of the juice.

Excess toxicity in your liver and belly is a major reason for the inability to lose weight. It also makes you feel sluggish and tired, as serotonin production in the gut is derailed. In addition to that, belly fat has been linked to a lot of diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. It is not a type of fat that your body uses for energy and is therefore very difficult to eliminate just by doing cardio or eating less calories.

How to Know if You Have Toxicity in Your Liver and Gut?

It’s a pretty safe bet that almost everyone living in today’s society has problems with liver toxicity. Even moderate consumption of alcohol, processed food, tap water forces your body to store the toxins in your belly, making you gain fat. Breathing the polluted air we have today is another huge factor, as toxins from the air rapidly enter the bloodstream and are then processed through the liver.

What About Other Green Juices?

Other green juices work just as well, but can be much, much stronger that cucumber juice. Drinking even a single shot of wheat grass or parsley juice can cause stomach problems and too rapid detoxification, leading to headaches and other temporary symptoms. I recommend cucumber juice, as it is very easy to make, cheap, easy to make in bulk, tastes very nice and works. If you tend to drink a lot of diet drinks with artificial sweeteners and other unhealthy drinks, replacing them with cucumber juice will have an even more pronounced effect.

So, that’s about it! Try drinking at least a glass or two of cucumber juice each day and you will soon notice the difference that comes from your liver being cleansed from all the toxins of modern living.

Posted by Angelina on June 24th, 2018