CBD Oil for Tics & Stuttering – What Does The Scientific and Anecdotal Evidence Say?

As regular readers of our website know, we love anecdotal evidence, so let’s kick things off with a report from reddit:

ieffinglovesoup says:

So when I was 18 I had a series of severe medical incidents that affected my speech from that point until basically now (I’m 24). I have since had a very noticeable stutter when speaking that usually happened when I looked people in the eyes and had to talk to them for long periods of time (meaning more than a few sentence exchanges).

I started using full spectrum CBD tinctures about 5-6 months ago because I heard it could help with my anxiety. It did help tremendously, which is why I still take it to this day. But something I also notice is that I don’t stutter anymore. Like…at all. It was actually quite amazing to me and my girlfriend as well, and when I brought it up to my Neurologist she didn’t have much to say because she said she hasn’t studied enough about CBD.

My little theory is that I stuttered a lot because I was socially anxious, and when the CBD helped my anxiety, it also helped the stuttering.

Can anyone provide additional info/input or does anyone have a similar experience? Thanks.


Further research into this user’s posts reveals that he takes about 30mg of full-spectrum CBD oil per day, which is a very modest dosage – many clinical studies use dosages of up to 600mg to test CBD’s beneficial effects on various conditions.

Now Let’s Dive Into The Science

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any high quality clinical studies that put the ability of CBD oil to abolish stutter to the test. However, we can extrapolate from other studies that have tested Cannabidiol’s ability to reduce anxiety, improve speech performance and exert other beneficial effects which we can then tie back to stuttering.

A study shows that CBD remarkably improves speech performance in people with social phobia, who were deliberately put in a ‘scary’ situation that simulates public speaking.

Effects of CBD on VAMS scores. The ‘S’ part of the graph is where the social-phobic participants gave a ‘Speech’ to an audience. Anxiety Scores were about 20 points lower in the CBD group compared to the Placebo group (The green line are people without social phobia). Cognitive impairment was also greatly reduced, which is probably what interests us when it comes to stuttering.

Let’s take a look at another anecdotal evidence:

Hi everyone, I have had a stutter since I can remember and not being able to get my words out has played a major part of my life.

I’m now 37 and have just found that vaping CBD oil has taken my stutter pretty much completely away! I stumbled across the effects of this by chance. A little story about how I first noticed major improvement was I have a Google home and would have to say ‘OK Google’ to activate it. This was hard enough for me to to get out by the time I managed to get the next word out what I wanted it to do I would go off and I would have to try start again. Also meeting and talking to new people was really difficult. Now, since I have been adding CBD oil to my normal vape juice I can just flow in conversation, which is something I have never been able to do before! My lips would tremble before I could say anything and some words were just impossible to get out. CBD oil has changed my life! Another example is I had a date at the weekend and was so nervous! Now, normally under these conditions it would have been a complete nightmare for me but I didn’t stutter or lip tremble once!

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We found a lot of anecdotal reports of Cannabidiol (CBD) getting rid of stutter. However, there were also reports from people who reported that CBD helped their anxiety, but didn’t do anything for their stutter.

It would seem that the people who had the most improvement from CBD were the ones that had social anxiety as the primary cause of their stutter.